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Manned Guarding:"We feel that SECURIST are a part of our team, we receive a very personal service and we have a dedicated contact manager who is a phone call away and visits our business regularly." Guy Lees-Milne - General Manager.                • Close Protection: "SECURIST are fantastic at ensuring my safety and I feel very secure whilst in their hands." Elliot James Langridge - Actor.                 • Door Supervisors: "I would fully recommend SECURIST as the level of service you receive is second to none." Jane Carpenter – Land Lady.                 • Temporary Security: "SECURIST provided a security guard at very short notice for just two weeks cover at a fantastic rate whilst our security systems were down." Ali Choudhury – Managing Director.                • Secure Transportation: "SECURIST were fantastic and I would highly recommend them." Paul Moger - Fundraising Manager.                 • SECURIST Employee: "SECURIST is by far the best company that I have ever encountered and worked for." Sean Williams - Security Officer.                •

Manned Guarding in Bristol

Manned Guarding with SECURISTCommercial Sector
Our fully trained officers are the face of SECURIST. They are among the best security guards Bristol has to offer, and their capability to deal with any situation within the manned guarding sector will provide clients with a first class impression of your business.

We can offer all of the following services at a competitive price without any compromise on quality. Our officers can protect your assets and deal promptly and proficiently with any situation that may arise in Bristol.

We supply security guard Bristol services for all aspects of your business, including: Door Supervision with SECURISTRetail Sector
Our officers can offer a top quality service at a price that you will find exceptionally competitive. We encourage them to be completely incorporated into your business to go with your image and improve your customers' experience. If you're looking for dependable security guard Bristol-based services, here are some of the options obtainable to you:
  • Retail trained officers
  • First aid response
  • In-store detectives
  • Civil recovery management
  • Customer service officers
  • Emergency lift response
  • CCTV monitoring and control room staff
  • Footfall analysis
Car Park Security with SECURISTPublic Sector
Our officers are educated and equipped to support and sustain our values of "Integrity," "Safety" and "Trust". This provides them with the tools to deal with any scenario, big or small, and to communicate with the general public in a professional manner. SECURIST only arranges highly-skilled security guards Bristol establishments can trust unconditionally. We have guaranteed that our recruitment, screening and training standards are designed so we are able to meet these expectations.

We supply security personnel for:
  • Hospitals
  • Warden schemes
  • Courts
  • Town centre patrols
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Museums
  • Art galleries

If you require any products, services or information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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