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Manned Guarding:"We feel that SECURIST are a part of our team, we receive a very personal service and we have a dedicated contact manager who is a phone call away and visits our business regularly." Guy Lees-Milne - General Manager.                • Close Protection: "SECURIST are fantastic at ensuring my safety and I feel very secure whilst in their hands." Elliot James Langridge - Actor.                 • Door Supervisors: "I would fully recommend SECURIST as the level of service you receive is second to none." Jane Carpenter – Land Lady.                 • Temporary Security: "SECURIST provided a security guard at very short notice for just two weeks cover at a fantastic rate whilst our security systems were down." Ali Choudhury – Managing Director.                • Secure Transportation: "SECURIST were fantastic and I would highly recommend them." Paul Moger - Fundraising Manager.                 • SECURIST Employee: "SECURIST is by far the best company that I have ever encountered and worked for." Sean Williams - Security Officer.                •

Electronic Security

CCTV, Access Control, Intruder and Panic Attack Alarms.
We offer a wide range of electronic security solutions for your security needs. Many of our customers find these systems incredibly cost effective and easy to use.

Electronic Security, CCTV with SECURISTClosed Circuit Television cameras are the preferred tool that millions of businesses worldwide are using to protect their assets. They function not only as a means of monitoring your site, but also as a visual deterrent against criminals. Available in many different sizes to fit almost anywhere, we also offer a service that includes Internet Protocol (IP) cameras that can be accessed via the internet for remote viewing. You will be allocated a secure login for your site so that at anytime day or night, your peace of mind is ensured.

Access Control
Tailored for whatever sized business and function, Access Access Control with SECURISTControl systems are now being widely used across the private and public sector. These types of electronic security products are the best means of monitoring who can access your building. As well as a swipe card reader design, we also offer the installation of magnetic locks for your doors and if required, the software to assign each card with its own unique accessible areas.

Our alarm services vary in their function to suit your business. Alarms with SECURISTNo matter what size or type of facility you require protection for, SECURIST has a solution for you. We offer a full range of alarms including wireless systems for burglar alarms, fire detection, personal protection alarms in the event of a threat and smoke alarms in conjunction with our Fire Safety Service.

We can provide an electronic security package for all your needs, including:
If you require any products, services or information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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